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Sunday, October 14

BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream Review

I have been on the BB band wagon for quite a while now, and now that summer is on the horizon I've been testing and using them a lot more; but today I thought I would share with you one of my favourite BB creams: BRTC's Jasmine Water BB.

Like all BB creams on the market today, well, the Asian ones that is, after long term use it's guaranteed that you'll see an improvement in your skins overall texture and tone. The Jasmine Water offers improvement in the areas of whitening (or brightening) of the skin (arbutin), the healing of scars and blemishes (zinc oxide, green tea, almond oil and aloe vera), and also the improvement of existing wrinkles (whatever that means).

I will admit, I didn't really like this product the first time I tried it, mainly because of the scent, a hint of jasmine smooshed under a lot of chemicals pretty much sums it up. Also, all the other BB creams I had tried previously had lovely scents, Skin79, Missha, hell, even the freaking snail mucus ones smelt nicer. Thankfully, I've become more accustomed to the smell because honestly, this product is too good to dismiss on scent alone. Plus if your are in the market for a BB cream that offers you a flaw-free, ghostly complexion, then this is the one for you! But seriously, those of you with darker complexions may want to stay away from this one because the colour is quite light; light beige with pink undertones.

I have quite problematic skin and the Jasmine BB cream offers medium to high coverage that actually hides your blemishes and redness. It's also incredibly moisturising and lasts for around 6 to 8 hours before it needs a touch up. This is one of the few BB creams that I can actually wear just on its own. Unfortunately, you wouldn't want to put foundation over it anyway. The cream itself it quite thick and doesn't like to collaborate with anything other than skin. When I applied foundation on top  my skin looked congested and cakey. But this doesn't really bother me to be honest, the cream does a great job of hiding my blemishes and redness by itself (as you can see below).

Before // After

Overall, this is one of my favourite BB creams, mainly because the coverage is a life saver for me. It brightens my skin, reduces redness, hides my acne, and moisturises my skin, and on top of that, it has helped improve my skin in the long run, but give me ten years and I'll get back to you guys on the wrinkle front.