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Tuesday, March 17

Pimple Problems

I think it's safe to assume that we all hate pimples. They always seem to erupt at the most inconvenient time, but when the time does come, I like to think I'm ready for them. Here are a few things I like to use to help keep them under control.

Tea Tree Oil
The ultimate spot killer. Whether it's 100% tea tree oil or diluted with alcohol, it's great at killing bacteria and getting the job done. However, if you use diluted tea tree oil, to make sure you don't dry out the spot too much apply extra moisturiser on top of the spot. I like to apply paw-paw ointment to ensure it heals faster and avoid scaling. I usually apply this directly after cleansing, twice a day.

Rose-Hip Oil
To ensure I'm not irritating my skin with a whole lot of different products, I opt for a more simple and natural routine while my skin heals. I use rose-hip twice a day, morning and night, to ensure my skin is still getting the nourishment it needs. It's also great for preventing scars! Even though it's an oil, and it may feel very moisturising, I find that my skin can feel dry after a while. So I still apply moisturiser on top to make sure my spots don't become too dry and flaky.

Spearmint & Green Teas
Spearmint is known to reduce androgens in the body, hormonal imbalances that are known to trigger breakouts. Androgens can increase the production of excess sebum on the skin, which when it oxidises, hardens and clogs up the pores; hence pimples. I love drinking this in the evening. It tastes lovely, and it's also very relaxing. If you have trouble getting to sleep at night, try spearmint or peppermint tea. Green tea is also a great option because it contains a lot of antioxidants that promote skin health. However, because it contains caffeine, definitely avoid this in the evening. Unless your're doing an all-nighter and really need to stay awake, then go ahead.

It usually takes a while to get those pesky pimples under control, (unless they're hormonal, then that's a completely different story, and a matter for another blog post) but the most important thing is not to stress about them, not just because it causes you to break out even more, but because they're really not worth worrying about. Everybody gets them!

Tuesday, March 10

Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer

bourjois happy light luminous serum primer
Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer
I used to think primers were an unnecessary step in a make-up routine; until I tried one. At the time, is was the super cheap Fix & Perfect primer from Rimmel, and after one day of using this underneath my foundation I realised: hey, my foundation hasn't slipped off my face! I am now a primer convert. They really do help your make-up look better, and stay on longer; it is known.

At the moment I'm loving the Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum primer (man, that is unnecessarily long), which is designed to illuminate the skin and maintain hydration throughout the day. There's also a matte one available, but it was the hydration aspect of this one which drew me in, because I do suffer from dry patches with certain foundations.

The serum-like texture is easy to apply, and doesn't leave that thick and slimy feeling that other primers leave behind sometimes. This one is unnoticeable, and there are no illuminating particles in the formula either, so there's no unnatural shimmer. I was worried this primer would be too hydrating for my skin, but it never once made my skin look or feel oily. I think this primer is a great fit for those (even with slightly oily skin) who suffer from dehydration or dry patches. Overall, this primer really helps keep my make-up looking fresh and dewy all day long. 

I purchased this primer during a sale, but it regularly retails for $21 AUD. Is that a bit much for a drugstore primer? Maybe, especially since it comes in such a tiny bottle. It doesn't seem to last long. Unfortunately, because of this, I can't see myself repurchasing it again in the near future. Not until, that is, the next Priceline sale comes around.