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Thursday, February 28

Prevage Triple Defence Shield Review

Elizabeth Arden's Prevage Triple Defence Shield SPF50 PA+++

If you've read through my blog you probably would have noticed that I'm a bit of a BB cream junkie. Well, I'm also a sunscreen junkie. I am ridiculously strict when it comes to sun care.  Every time I go out I apply sunscreen to the exposed parts of my body, including my feet (because thanks to my flats I have a pretty hilarious tan line there now) , and the same goes for my face. However I do consider my face a little different from my feet . It's sensitive, easily clogged and prone to breakouts so it was hard for me to find a sunscreen that really suited my needs.

I'm happy to say I've found one. Even if it did take breaking the bank to get it. What I love is that it doesn't feel heavy on the skin, the texture is quite watery, yet moisturising. It also doubles up as a moisturiser so if you have oily skin you don't have to worry about applying a separate moisturiser afterwards. I also think it’s a great base for make up. My foundation just seems to stay looking fresh for a lot longer than I'm used to, which is also a plus, and if it does what it claims, reflects UV and UB rays and helps prevent ageing then I'm sold. I do feel the brush is a bit of a redundant feature though. I just think it's unhygienic because I don’t have the patience to sterilise it after every use. I feel a lot more comfortable squeezing out the product into my hand and pressing it into the skin. It just feels more hygienic and you get a good feel for how much product you're using, and you want to be careful of that because of the size. Oh, did I mention it was only 50mls? Yeah, It's only 50mls (sobs). 

For $80 it is definitely the most ridiculously expensive sunscreen ever, and because of the size it's hard to say whether or not I will repurchase this product. I still like to dream that one day I'll win the lottery, but in the meantime I will continue my search for an effective and affordable sunscreen.

Tuesday, February 26

Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream Review

Here's another BB cream I have been meaning to review for quite a while now, Skin79s VIP Gold Super Beblesh Balm. Compared the previous BB creams I reviewed this one has a very light, practically sheer coverage. It won't cover large blemishes but it definitely helps in evening out and reducing redness. The cream like texture spreads easily and fills in pores leaving skin flawless and dewy. It remains fairly matte for the first hour but as the day goes on it does start to become a bit more 'dewy' unless I touch it up with a bit of powder regularly. It's very incredibly moisturising, and I suspect it will be more useful for me in winter than it is now, but if you're not familiar with the VIP range there is also a Hot Pink version catered for oily skin, while the Gold is for dry types. It contains SPF 25 PA++ which is the lowest I've seen for an Asian BB but reasonable when you compare it to the measly SPF15 you see in western BBs. It also claims to prevent and improve the appearance of existing wrinkles. Well, we'll see about that, but so far I've been impressed with everything else.

The best part is the price though, it's so cheap! I bought mine from an ebay seller on sale for $15, but apparently there are a lot of fakes out there, so if you’re too scared to purchase from Ebay I would recommend either YesStyle or Sasa.