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Monday, November 25

Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant Review

Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant / Purifying & Foaming Cleansing Gel for Combination/Oily Skin
In an attempt to control my oily skin this season I ventured out into the world of cleansers once more. Some cheap, some western, some expensive and some Asian. Recently I've been trying out Bioderma's Sebium Gel cleanser. Bioderma is a French  drugstore brand, infamous in the beauty blogging sphere, and has recently become available in Priceline stores here in Australia (for those who don't know yet!).

This cleanser is a light gel like formula that foams up gently when mixed together with a bit of water. What I like about this cleanser is that it doesn't feel like it strips the skin. It doesn't feel squeaky clean afterwards as I initially expected but feels clean, refreshed and softened. The scent is quite pleasant as well, it's definitely not natural, but light enough that I can stand. Despite all the good comments, there are a few questionable ingredients in this cleanser. For someone who is acne prone there are quite a few irritants in it: Sodium laureth sulfate (an emulsifier) and sodium hydroxide (PH adjuster), and a few other ingredients like sodium methylparaben and glyceryl cocoate  which are considered unsafe to use according to I will admit, I only looked up the ingredients list after I tried it. If anything, it reinforced the fact that this is a pretty average cleanser. It makes my skin feel great afterwards, but it doesn't fight off or treat acne. The lack of results, the ingredients on top of a hefty $20 price tag, makes this a disappointment in my books. 

Is there anyone else whose been disappointed by a Bioderma product? If not, which products would you recommend? 

Monday, November 18

Another Priceline Haul ~Happy (late) Birthday to me~

For my birthday I was lucky enough to receive a $50 gift voucher for Priceline from one of my best friends.  I wasn't even expecting a gift let alone a $50 voucher. Do you know what that means to someone who is beauty obsessed? My friend knows me too well. When I returned home I excitedly started compiling a list of products I wanted to try out. I never go into priceline unprepared. The Brisbane store is too small and busy to just saunter around in. Anyway, here's what I picked up:

Natio's Face Mask Purifier
Since my Mint Julup mask has run dry I opted for a home grown product. I tried this a few years ago and really liked the way it made my skin feel afterwards. 

Klorane's Dry Shampoo for oily hair
I'm always in need of some dry shampoo, but this time I went for one formulated for oily hair. I probably should have been doing that before but honestly never realised it existed. There's so many now!

Nivea Lip Butter
This has been quite a hyped product, and I'm not entirely sure why. It's just a lip butter. Maybe it's magical properties will reveal itself once I open it?

Maybelline Master Precise liquid liner
I've been on the hunt for a thin pen liner for quite a while now and I'm so glad I found this. I tested it in store and it's exactly what i'm after. It has a nice sharp, flexible tip that draws a very fine line. It seems quite long lasting as well.

Garnier gentle eye make up remover
I've read great reviews on this stuff from local bloggers and decided to give it a go. So far, for the price, I am really impressed! I've been using Bioderma to remove my eye makeup for the past year now and it's absolutely useless on waterproof mascara.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50+ sunscreen
With my old Prevage sunscreen running low, and also being very unwilling to spend $90 on another tube, I thought I would try this out. This is my first La Roche Posay product so I have quite high expectations for the French brand. Hope it's good!

Sunday, November 10

Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish Swatches

Rimmel Salon Pro Lycra: Classical Red & Soul Session
I just love Rimmel polishes. Not only are they cheap but their brushes are amazing. They are so easy to use and only takes one to two swipes to coat the entire nail. I usually go for the 60 second polishes, but decided to try out the new Salon Pro range.

237: Soul Session
Soul Session is a lovely, earthy pink. Great for a natural, everyday look.

706: Classical Red
On the opposite end of the colour range, there's Classical Red. It's a little lighter than I initially expected, but how can you ever go wrong with red polish? The salon pro range are usually $8.95 each at Priceline. I managed to get them with the 2 for $10 deal, so I ended up saving $7.95. Woo!

Tuesday, November 5

| Beauty Wishlist | November '13

Is it November already? I guess this means I'm officially on holidays now. Hurrah! Time to spend some money. This month I have my eye on a few more Korean and Japanese products:

1. Innisfree Eye Primer

I've heard great things about this primer, and it's also very cheap. As much as I would love to try Urban Decay's primer potion I would rather not spend over $30 on something I won't use very often.

2. Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick in 'Cocktail Orange' and 'Rasberry Red'
I've come across quite a few reviews on these lipsticks recently, and I am now officially intrigued, especially with the orange shade. This may turn out to be a terrible shade for me...

3. Naruko Tea Tree Clay Cleanser
For someone with combination, acne prone skin this sounds like a great idea. Naruko is also quite an affordable brand. Can't wait to try this out!

4. Skin79 Super Orange BB Cream
And once again, another BB cream manages to slip into my wishlist. Despite this, I am after a BB cream that will stay on in the summer, and I've heard this is great for oily skin. The shade also seems to have 

5. Essential Nuance Airy Hair Mask
This has to be the best hair mask I have ever used. I've have bought and used three tubs of this in the last two years and will soon be on to my fourth.