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Sunday, November 10

Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish Swatches

Rimmel Salon Pro Lycra: Classical Red & Soul Session
I just love Rimmel polishes. Not only are they cheap but their brushes are amazing. They are so easy to use and only takes one to two swipes to coat the entire nail. I usually go for the 60 second polishes, but decided to try out the new Salon Pro range.

237: Soul Session
Soul Session is a lovely, earthy pink. Great for a natural, everyday look.

706: Classical Red
On the opposite end of the colour range, there's Classical Red. It's a little lighter than I initially expected, but how can you ever go wrong with red polish? The salon pro range are usually $8.95 each at Priceline. I managed to get them with the 2 for $10 deal, so I ended up saving $7.95. Woo!


  1. wow. i dont think we have this line in canada. or i've been missing out on it. though not sure i'd like to pay $9 for a polish...

    A Beautiful Zen

    1. They're new here too, and I agree, a little expensive. Hence why I only purchased them during the sale haha.

  2. the red one is so nice, love it! nice swatches too :)

  3. i love the colours! they look amazing x

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