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Sunday, March 31

Tangle Teezer Review

The original Tangle Teezer in 'Disco Purple'

This is a short and sweet review on what I think is the greatest hair tool of all time.
Seriously, where has this been all my life? Before, hair brushing was a tedious affair which I dreaded daily, no thanks to the ridiculous amount of knots in my thick, wavy hair. But now it’s a breeze, and what used to take me fifteen minutes of excruciating pain now only takes me a painless two. They are plastic, so they won't last forever, but they're cheap and easy to clean. They're small and compact too, and fits easily into my day bag. Handy for those with unruly hair that needs detangling throughout the day.

I'll never go back to regular hair brushes ever again.

Saturday, March 30

| Products of The Month | March '13

My first favourites post in ages! I should really start doing this every month now, it's great to go through your products and see what you have and haven't been using. 

Shu Uemura Skin Purifier Cleansing Oil

This product is great for removing makeup, and it doesn’t clog pores or strip the skin either. Review to come! 
Botani Boost Balancing Moisturiser

An organic, anti-bacterial, balancing moisturiser that also fights against blemishes? I’m sold. And now that it's Autumn, and my skin is less oily, this moisturiser helps to balance my skin, protecting it from becoming too dry but not making it too oily either.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil

I’ve heard many great things about this oil, so when my Trilogy Rosehip oil ran dry I decided to give Kiehl’s a go. So far I am loving the results, and will definitely be posting a full review on this soon.

A nail varnish that I’ve only been using for a week but am absolutely in love with. I just love the colour. Click heading to check out the swatches!

Wednesday, March 20

Portmans Nail Polish Swatches

Seriously, who goes into Portmans and buys just their nail polishes? Well, apparently I do now:

Opulent Peacock
This is my favourite of the two, 'Opulent Peacock', a gorgeous metallic aqua that looks different at every angle.

Daring Plum
Daring Plum also has a hint of shimmer in it, but it's definitely not as noticeable as Opulent Peacock.

For any Australians reading, the varnishes are priced at $7.95 but they do have a 2 for $10 deal! They also have a gorgeous red and another shimmery midnight blue that took my fancy, so I'll definitely be popping in again to pick those two up :)

Thursday, March 14

MOR Lip Macaron Review

MOR Lip Macaron in Blood Orange
Don't you just love it when you find a product that just works? Even if it’s for the most basic thing in the world, like moisturising your lips?  I don't know why but my lips always seem to be flaky and dry. I honestly don't know why, I drink heaps of water and apply enough lip balm to them every day, but nothing changes. I never really thought that the lip balm I was using could be the culprit, but since I switched to MOR's Lip Macaron the general condition of my lips has been great. This balm has a very oil based texture, very different from the cheap, waxy balms I usually use. It contains beeswax and vitamin E for extra hydration and nourishment, and gives my lips instant relief and leaves them silky smooth. They come in a whole range of colours and scents, some sweet, some citrusy that are not too overpowering, and don't taste gross.

It's definitely in the medium price range as far as lip balms go (for me anyway), I purchased mine from Myer for $12 but it looks like it's going to last quite some time. I'm really impressed, and glad I've finally found something that works for my lips!