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Thursday, March 14

MOR Lip Macaron Review

MOR Lip Macaron in Blood Orange
Don't you just love it when you find a product that just works? Even if it’s for the most basic thing in the world, like moisturising your lips?  I don't know why but my lips always seem to be flaky and dry. I honestly don't know why, I drink heaps of water and apply enough lip balm to them every day, but nothing changes. I never really thought that the lip balm I was using could be the culprit, but since I switched to MOR's Lip Macaron the general condition of my lips has been great. This balm has a very oil based texture, very different from the cheap, waxy balms I usually use. It contains beeswax and vitamin E for extra hydration and nourishment, and gives my lips instant relief and leaves them silky smooth. They come in a whole range of colours and scents, some sweet, some citrusy that are not too overpowering, and don't taste gross.

It's definitely in the medium price range as far as lip balms go (for me anyway), I purchased mine from Myer for $12 but it looks like it's going to last quite some time. I'm really impressed, and glad I've finally found something that works for my lips!

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