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Wednesday, March 20

Portmans Nail Polish Swatches

Seriously, who goes into Portmans and buys just their nail polishes? Well, apparently I do now:

Opulent Peacock
This is my favourite of the two, 'Opulent Peacock', a gorgeous metallic aqua that looks different at every angle.

Daring Plum
Daring Plum also has a hint of shimmer in it, but it's definitely not as noticeable as Opulent Peacock.

For any Australians reading, the varnishes are priced at $7.95 but they do have a 2 for $10 deal! They also have a gorgeous red and another shimmery midnight blue that took my fancy, so I'll definitely be popping in again to pick those two up :)


  1. I never even knew Portmans did polishes!

    These look very pretty, the blue is stunning on you!

    I just might have to stop by and pick some up! ;)