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Wednesday, June 12

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick Review & Swatches

From the left: No. 14 'Pretty Prune, No. 04 'Rose Tweed', No. 03 'Peche Cosy'.
Apologies for being MIA these last few weeks. It has been absolute madness for me at uni with heavily weighted assessment piling up left and right. Thankfully, I have some free time on my hands now, so I thought I would report on a couple of lipsticks that I've been loving this month: Bourjois's new Rouge Edition lipsticks.

After a week of hard-core studying I thought I would reward myself with something. So naturally I went to Priceline, and picked up Rose Tweed on a whim while passing the Bourjois stand. It was actually one of the last colours they had (anyone else notice how the Bourjois section is always bare?). As soon as I got home and tried it out I realised I had to get more. So far, I have these three:
My dry lips love this lipstick because the formulation is very creamy and hydrating, it feels more like a lip balm than anything, and the colour payoff is fantastic. I also love the glossy finish it gives to your lips. Rose Tweed and Pretty Prune are by far my favourites of the three. Rose Tweed is the perfect everyday colour for me, it’s not too outgoing and looks quite natural, and I love wearing Pretty Prune, a very deep, bold, vampy red on a night out. And when spring comes around again I’m sure Peche Cosy will be my go to lipstick as well.

I also love how the colours are represented at the bottom. If every cosmetic company did this my make up drawer would be so much more organised. Sigh, if only...

These lipsticks are finally available nationwide in Australia at Priceline and retail at around $19. They’re currently $13 now with the clearance sale on!

Have you tried these lipsticks yet? What are your thoughts?


  1. Pretty Prune is such a lovely colour! I haven't tried any of the Bourjois lippies yet, but I like the sound of how hydrating these are ^^

    1. Thanks for commenting <3 They're really lovely lipsticks.

  2. these are such lovely colors! pech cosy looks so great. might have to give them a little swatch next time i'm in the drugstore.

    A Beautiful Zen