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Wednesday, October 9

Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara Review

I bought this mascara months ago during my 'little' Priceline haul, and it's been my go-to mascara since. Simply, it's great for everyday use for these three reasons: a) it doesn't clump! b) it defines and c) it lengthens the lashes in a way that (almost) looks natural.

This is a more defining mascara than anything, it elongates the lashes with minimal clumping, and with the mix of short and long bristles, it's now easier for the wand to coat those pesky little lashes that hide between the longer ones, giving the illusion of more  lashes. I do experience minor flaking later in the day but that's usually because I have a tendency to rub my eyes, otherwise it's quite long lasting. I have quite fine lashes so my camera struggles picking them up, but check out the photo's below:

I bought mine on sale for $10 from Priceline so I definitely recommend waiting for the sales. It's usually priced at $17.95 otherwise. Overall, a great, affordable mascara!


  1. I got this from the Priceline sale too. I was really surprised by it. It's become my go-to as well. ^^

  2. lol 'little'. yea we always think our shopping carts will only hold one or two things...but nope...ALL THE THINGS!!!
    i have this sitting in my drawers waiting to try out. (that is /always/ the case for me eh?). cant wait ;)

    A Beautiful Zen

    1. I do the opposite actually, I start using new products straight away and then ignore everything I already have haha, especially when it comes to make up.

  3. It looks really good, I can't stand clumpy mascara! Great post, thanks for sharing:D

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    1. I'll be happy too :) Thanks for stopping by!