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Monday, August 20

Korres Mandarin Lip Butters

Korres Mandarin Lip Butters in Peach & Rose
Lip butters have been my saviour this season, I wear them everywhere. I wear them when I'm out with friends, at work, even at home. Overall, they are great for your average, everyday use. Lipstick and lip glosses are too much of a hassle; and lip balms are colourless and boring; in the middle sit the lip butters, offering what everything else lacks: lasting colour and moisture. Of course, not all lip butters are amazing, but these Korres ones are pretty darn close to it.

The shea butter and sunflower wax in this product helps maintain moisture for a lot longer than Revlon's colourbursts, they lasted for at least two hours on my lips before drying out. They also contain SPF15, and yes, your lips need protection from the sun too, so this is another huge plus. The scent is light and practically unnoticeable, and for those who like to eat their lipbalms, no matter how hard they try, good news, it tastes like nothing!

They're available in five basic colours : colourless, peach, pink, purple and rose.

Unfortunately it's somewhat hard to track down these stick butters online. I purchased mine off ebay for $5 each but I know you can also purchase them from Asos and Korres' official site for $10 each. That may sound somewhat expensive but it's half the price of what I paid for those Revlon lip butters. Ugh.

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  1. I absolutely love these - they are the perfect amount of colour, and feel really nourishing... My only problem is I find they taste a bit gross - kind of chemically (I think it's the SPF) but obviously it didn't bother you so maybe I'm being over-sensitive! Anyway, great review - I love your blog!