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Saturday, August 18

Missha's Mega EX Volume Mascara Review

Mega EX (Cat) Volume Mascara by Missha

During my most recent Yes Style haul I decided to try out a couple of South Korean cosmetic brands. Missha's Mega EX (which I am going to assume means 'EXTREME') mascara was one of them. I picked up the Cat Volume one, but they also have a Doll and Fan volume; but what really intrigued me about this mascara was the packaging. As a visual design student I tend to have a weakness for sleek, shiny things and when I saw this mascara, I don't know why, but I couldn't help myself.

The packaging is, well, plastic and looks even more so in real life, and the brush looks so hairy  it looks like I stuck it in a pile of dust, which I probably did now that I think about it. After going over my lashes 4-5 times it starts to clump a bit too much for my liking, and although you can work it to give your lashes quite a bit of length it lacks that 'MEGA EXTREME' volume the name implies. Its staying power is pretty decent though, in fact, even after my regular eight hour shift there was no smudging and the length hadn't dropped off either.
Before | After
Overall, it's not a bad mascara. It almost looks natural from afar, so It's great for those lazy days at home or when you just don't feel like dealing with your messier, high-end mascaras. Considering that I only paid $14 AUD for it, I think I got my money's worth, but if I had the cash to go back and buy another one at its regular retail price ($19) I'd probably put it towards a better mascara for a few dollars more.