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Friday, January 18

Origins Zero Oil Moisturising Lotion Review

Origins Zero Oil moisture lotion, 50mls

I was in the market for a new mattifying moisturiser for summer and came across this little guy. Origins Zero Oil moisturising lotion, an oil free moisturiser containing saw palmetto and mint. It smells lovely, light and fresh. The texture is lightweight, absorbs quickly into the skin and reduces sebum production throughout the day. It makes my skin feel smooth and look less shiny. It's great for putting on underneath make-up because it just makes it last that much longer.

It would be great if it came in a larger tube, because I don't feel 50ml is much. Even though I only use this in the morning before make up, its been less than three months and it's practically empty :(

Overall, really, really impressed. I think I'm now officially an Origins lover.

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