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Tuesday, March 4

| Beauty Wishlist | March '14

It's been a while since my last wishlist post. After Christmas I became more frugal with my money. With Uni starting up again I'll be working less so whenever I spot something I like I have to keep reminding myself: do I really need this? Most of the items on this list I can happily live without, but there is one or two I've decided I'll treat myself to if I stick to my finance goals this month. (The Kiki K goals journal has really helped me keep on track so far!)

1. Bourjois 24hr Colour Edition paint pot in 'Prune Nocturne'
I love cream eyeshadows, and Bourjois have recently released a couple of their own in some lovely shades, this one in particular. The only problem is that they're not available in Australia yet. I recently got in contact with Bourjois Australia and they told me they would be released in mid to late March this year, but only three shades will be available! Knowing my luck it won't be the shade I want.

2. Laneige CC Cream, or any CC Cream for that matter. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know! I've heard Laneige have really stepped up their game with this one, and it's been a while since I've tried something great from them.

3. Kath Kidston Wash Bag
I really need a new wash bag, the one I'm currently using was my mums and it's getting a little grotty. I've been dreaming about this Kath Kidston one for quite a while now. It's such a cute design, also they come in five different sizes for traveling. I have yet to decide which size I want!

4. Etude House Malgem Toner & Emulsion
Two more products on my Etude House list. I'm actually in need of a new toner and moisturiser at the moment, and I've heard some good things about their Malgem line, which means 'clean' in Korean. I'll have to do a little more research on the ingredients before I make a final decision.

5. Butter London nail polish in 'Yummy Mummy'
I've been really into neutral browns this season. I'm not one for shimmery nail polish but this doesn't seem too overpowering. I also happened to find Butter London in my local Biome store!

6. It's Skin Red Ginseng Silk Cream
I received a sample of this cream in my last Korean haul and absolutely loved the silky formula, and how It made my skin feel afterwards. I would definitely like to try out the full sized.


  1. i tried the skin malgem toner in fresh and i really liked it actually! i was going to pick it up in full size when i was in seoul but by the time i got around to luggage was starting to get more than a little heavy with all the other shopping i did haha.
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. Haha, that's the exact same thing that happened to me when I spotted it in Melbourne.