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Sunday, March 23

Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream

lioele triple solution bb cream

I purchased Triple the Solution a while ago in a Yesstyle haul, and finally I'm ready to post my thoughts on it. Lioele is a skincare and cosmetic brand from South Korea and is famous for this BB cream. I have oily skin, so it's hard for me to find something that gives me all the benefits of a BB cream but with lasting power and coverage for my oily skin and blemishes, especially in summer. The Triple The Solution claims to cater for all these problems.

When first applying it I was surprised how thick the consistency was. It goes on thick and dries fast, so I definitely recommend using a moisturising base beforehand. I also recommend not using your fingers, as convenient as it is, I didn't particularly enjoy tearing my face apart. I think a brush works a lot better. I use the Real Techniques buffing brush and I find that helps to fill in any large pores for a smoother appearance. Unlike many BB cream's I have tried this one has medium to high coverage, and covers any red spots or volcano's I might be sporting. Unfortunately I don't find this very buildable. When I try to apply another layer it can look cakey. This is probably because it dries matte, so if you have oily skin you won't have to worry about looking too greasy or shiny. When I wear this out for the day I only need to touch up with some powder once. It also has SPF 30 PA++, so you're also getting adequate protection from the sun.

Speaking of sun protection, two of the main ingredients in this cream are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, both which provide full coverage from UVB and UVA rays. This is the kind of stuff you find in physical sunscreens (aka the best kinds). As for the other key ingredients, there is arbutin for whitening, beeswax which has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties , and Hyaluronic acid for added moisture. There couldn't have been much of these last two ingredients in the cream because I do find it drying at times, and can accentuate the hell out of any dry patches or scabs if I'm not careful.

There are a few things I don't like about this BB cream, how heavy it feels on the skin and the dry patches, but overall it is one of the better ones I've come across for oily, blemish prone skin. Medium to high coverage, matte finish, durable (even in hot weather) with SPF 30 PA++. It's not too expensive either, Triple The Solution ranges between $20-30 mark, depending on where you're shopping. It is definitely a must try for BB cream enthusiasts.

Let me know your thoughts below!


  1. Wow that's amazing! I'll definitely check it out.
    Thanks for sharing, have an awesome day :)

    1. Thanks for commenting Victoria, I hope you have an awesome day too!

  2. hi, i bought this bb cream some time ago and works grat for my oily skin, i got this just for 18 usd, so here is the link :)

    1. Wow, it's so cheap! Thank you for the link!