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Tuesday, May 20

Benton Snail Bee & Aloe Skincare Line Review

Benton has been a pretty hyped up brand in the Korean-skincare blogosphere this last year, and finally after months of testing and deliberating I can finally present this review. Seriously, it took me five months. It took me so long that Benton have already released a whole new range of products to their line! Before I go into the individual reviews, so I don't repeat myself too much, I just wanted to note some key ingredients that are present in all these products, unless otherwise stated of course:

Aloe Leaf Water
Instead of purified water Benton have used aloe leaf water instead. Aloe is an anti-inflammatory and is great for soothing and treating damaged and acne prone skin. It’s very hydrating, and contains natural anti-aging properties to help delay fine lines and wrinkles.

Snail Secretion Filtrate
Researches have found that, structurally, snail skin is very similar to human skin, and contains compounds (glyconconjugates) which are packed with proteins, peptides, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories to help repair damaged skin. Some of these properties include: Allantoin, which stimulates cell regeneration, sooth irritated skin and moisturises. Collagen and Elastin, which gives the skin 'bounce'. Loss of collagen means a reduction in moisture and elasticity, which basically means 'hello wrinkles'. Collagen production slows down a lot faster in women than men, and this is another factor as to why we age faster than they do (damn them).

*None of these products contain parabens, alcohol or artificial fragrances or colourings, and just like most South Korean brands, Benton do not test on animals.

Aloe BHA Skin Toner
This is probably the nicest toner I have ever used. But there's nothing 'toner'ish about it. It doesn't strip or tighten the skin, its main purpose is to soothe and moisturise which is exactly what it does. My skin feels so soft after using this. Aside from the two key ingredients, aloe leaf water and snail secretion, this toner also has some sasylic acid in it to help fight blemishes. I definitely noticed any spots I had reduced greatly while using this toner. The only negative thing about this is the 'spritz'. It’s more of a squirt than a spray, so I've resolved to use the palms of my hands to pat this on my face.

Snail Bee High Content Essence
This essence can be used after the BHA toner, or in place of it. It comes out as a gel, and absorbs into the skin almost instantly. It's not very moisturising, as the packaging suggests, but it makes the skin feel super soft and supple. This essence contains a more concentrated form of snail secretion to help fight acne and aging as well. I don’t know about the aging part, but I feel my skin has a lot more elasticity or ‘bounce’ after I use this.

Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel
This is the third step in the benton range and look, it's another gel! This one can be used as a moisturiser, and it definitely lives up to its claims for providing sufficient moisture. I actually found this gel too moisturising for my face, and ended up using it to soothe my sensitive legs after shaving, so I guess you could say it's a multi-purpose product.

Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream
Finally we've come to the final product and it's a steam cream! I've never tried a steam cream before, and for anyone who doesn't know, don't expect a dramatic poof of steam when you first open it, it's just the process in which the formula is emulsified. The cream itself looks quite light and watery but it's extremely moisturising, and can feel somewhat thick and sticky on the skin for a while afterwards. Oily skin, steer clear! This is a moisturiser for dryer skin types. I had a lot of problems with this cream in summer when my skin was oozing gallons of oil every minute, it was just too heavy and I suffered a lot of breakouts, but in the cooler seasons (when my skin can get quite dry) this works amazingly! Not only does it keep the dryness away but it also fights acne and makes my skin feel incredibly soft and bouncy. However, the heavy after feeling may be a drawback for some people. Another problem I found, just like the toner, is the packaging. I've found the bottom of my tub has shattered. It hasn't broken apart yet, but I have to be extremely careful with how I handle it. Has anyone else had this problem? I guess it doesn’t really matter anymore because Benton have already fixed the problem by switching the tub for a tube, which I prefer in my opinion, it's a lot more hygienic.

For someone who cares a lot about aesthetics, I love the minimalist design and even though the bottles are plastic they do look very sophisticated. The pump bottles are very handy, hygienic and disperse the perfect amount of product, minus the toner, which just seems to go everywhere. I really enjoyed this range, there was a little bit of disappointment with the Aloe Gel & Steam Cream but overall I had really good results, but it definitely took a while for me to see the benefits. So if you are thinking of purchasing these products, don’t expect to see life changing results overnight.


  1. These products sound really nice! I've never heard about this brand before nor have I tried any South Korean skincare, but yeah these sound awesome.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. They're pretty nice! They also don't contain any nasty irritants that may hurt sensitive or acne prone skin like a lot of other brands.

  2. I just finished using up all of my Benton products a month ago. I didn't have the gel, but I used the other three for months and really liked them. I was especially impressed with the essence! I agree with you on the steam cream being better suited for the colder seasons. I haven't tried using it in the summer, but it's a heavy cream, and I prefer something lighter for when it's warmer.
    Great review!

    1. Yes! The essence was by far my favourite :)

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  4. Um, sorry to intrude with this comment, but since you said that most Korean brands don't test on animals, I sadly beg to disagree. A lot of Korean brands are sold in China, and they all have to go through mandatory testing, and South Korea is also not that strict on animal testing themselves. Great post btw, I am actually considering a niacimide cream from Benton, but am also scared since the contamination issue and bad responses from the staff regarding that.