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Tuesday, August 19

Bourjois Colour Boost Chubby Sticks Review

Okay, I really need to stop buying new lip products. My lipstick tray is overflowing, but I still can't seem to restrain myself when I see a good sale. I picked these two up at Priceline when they were having a $10 deal on all Bourjois lip products. Not being a huge fan of neon pinks and oranges, I went with the two darkest shades in the collection:  Red Island (05) and Plum Russian (06).

When I swatched these in store, the first thing I noticed was the colour; these guys are bursting with it. Bourjois were right to label them as colour 'boosting', they really do have quite a vibrant and radiant shine. I personally love the glossy finish as well, while it gives you the pigmentation of a lipstick, it still offers a certain amount of hydration. I found the '10h comfort and hydration' label very doubtful, and wasn't really surprised when it didn't even last a quarter of that time (I have very dry lips though). The gloss only lasts for a few hours on my lips before it needs a touch up, the tint remains for some time though, so sometimes I just apply lip balm on top. 

Even though they are about twice the size of a regular lipstick, I actually prefer carrying these around in my bag. Mainly because they're so much easier to find. They do take the effort of a lipstick though. I can't just whip these out of my purse and apply them without the guidance of a mirror, I'll end up with colour all over my face. It's easy to forget how pigmented these are because they melt into your lips like butter. Additionally, the formula is also waterproof and contains a sun protection factor of 15 which I think is great. Not enough lip products these days contain SPF in my opinion, and even our lips need protecting from the sun.


  1. I have the shade Peach on the Beach and I love it, they are really pigmented, and so glossy! I find you only need a little bit though, if I put too much on, it can tend to gather on the lips a bit.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. I agree actually, I don't tend to put too much on though mainly because the colour can look quite powerful.