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Thursday, August 7

Iope Complete Care CC Cream Review

Iope Complete Care CC Cream in 02, Natural Beige
When I was in Melbourne I managed to pick up my first ever CC cream. I was after the Hera one initially, but after testing it out in store I found it way too moisturising for my liking, so I went with Iope instead, and I’m glad I did! Iope’s Complete Care CC Cream comes in two shades, clear beige (01) for fair pink toned skin, and natural beige (02) for fair ladies (like myself) with yellow tones. As with all CC creams I didn’t expect much coverage from this one (or any at all, really) but I was pleasantly surprised by the results. 

It evens out skin tone, reduces redness around my cheeks and the eczema around my nose and brightens tremendously. It’s not enough to cover dark circles and red spots however, and no amount of building will change that. I like that it doesn’t feel thick or heavy on the skin either, it feels like your skin. It’s also quite moisturising, but doesn’t make my skin look oily until the 3 hour mark, which is when the product starts to break down. So it’s not very long lasting, but a primer would definitely help it last longer. Plus, it has a sun protection factor of 35++. Can’t complain about that.

There is one major thing that really ticks me off about Iope (Laneige are also guilty of this!), they don’t list the full ingredients list on their packaging! For someone who may be allergic or sensitive to certain ingredients this is a huge problem. They do include a pamphlet that takes note of a couple of key ingredients, but how much and in what form?! Gah!

So aside from that, I am pretty impressed with this CC cream. I’m not sure whether I’ll try another one in the near future though. I did start at the top of the market with Iope, so I have a distinct feeling it will only be downhill from here, but if you have a favourite or any you would like to suggest let me know below!

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