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Thursday, May 2

| Beauty Wishlist | May '13

1. NARS blush in 'Sex Appeal'
I've never purchased a NARS blush before, and have been recommended on countless occasions to try out Orgasm, but with the shimmer, it never really took my fancy, but i do think this (very) light peach will go well with my pale complexion.

2. Molecules 01 Perfume
This is a product I'm more intrigued by than anything. Apparently the Iso E Super in it reacts differently to our body's chemistry, so not only would it smell different on everyone, but it also creates a pheromone-like effect. Interesting.

3. Kiehl's Cranberry Lip Balm
When my friend offered me a little of her Kiehls lip balm, i swear, I didn't need to reapply anything to my lips for several hours later until I went to bed. $12 may sound a little excessive for a lip balm, but I will admit, I've paid more for worse.

4. Urban Decay Moonflower Palette
I usually don't like the look of Urban Decay's palettes, but this one caught my eye with its simple and elegant design. Plus, for the same price as a single UD eye shadow, you receive this palette with the Moonflower shadow included. Although I think the design is absolutely stunning, it's not something that I necessarily need right now, and probably won't purchase until I have at least two eye shadows to go with it.

5. Antipodes Divine Face Oil
Ever since my Trilogy Rose-Hip oil ran out I've been itching to try this. Antipodes is a New Zealand brand that only make certified organic and vegetarian approved products. Not that I'm overly fussy when it comes to organic skincare but a short, organic list of ingredients can be a relief to sensitive, acne prone skin, and the oil itself only contains avocado oil, rose-hip oil, jasmine and orange.

6 & 7. Urban Decay Eyeshadows in 'Haight' and 'Gravity'
I've been doing a bit of research lately on eye shadow colours that would suit me, I've already purchased the Naked Basics palette which is perfect for day to day use, but what if If I wanted something a little more 'fun' and 'edgy' for a night out or special occasion? I thought these two would be a perfect start to a more colourful collection.


  1. I recently tried Antipodes serum and loved it. I'm always on the lookout for natural skincare and Antipodes certainly a great brand.

    PS: I'm hosting a Suigo hair pack giveaway; hope you enter:

  2. Great wish list! I have been using the Antipodes Divine Face Oil for more than a month now and I love it. I will definitely be buying more especially since I am going to NZ next month. I've also tried a few of their other products - check out my blog for reviews

    1. I'm actually going to NZ at the end of June. I'm really looking forward to see the rest of the Antipodes line, especially the make up!