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Monday, September 16

Koji Dolly Wink Pencil Eyeliner Review

Oh my gosh, I only just realised how long it's been since I did a makeup review. Has it really been three months? Anyway, here is a quick review on Koji's Dolly Wink eyeliner pencil, both the old and new versions. For those who don't know, Koji is a Japanese brand that offers a lot of cute looking, affordable products that really put some of our drugstore make up here in the west to shame; on cost and quality Here are the swatches:

From the left: Old formula, New formula
As you can see, they did end up reformulating the new version a little. The pigmentation is a lot stronger on first swipe.  There seems to be one other difference between the two that I've noticed (other than the packaging design, duh) and that is the staying power. On a regular day I only put black eyeliner on my upper water line, both liners are water and sweat proof, but I've found the newer version does tend to wander into the inner corners of my eyes a little. The old version, once applied, wouldn't budge, even on a 35 degree day. Aside from a little smudging, the new formula still lasts just as long. It's also a lot easier to apply, I don't have to work it into the lash line as much to get that intensity anymore, it glides on seamlessly.

These, for me are, the best pencil eyeliners I have ever tried. If you're after a great eyeliner that won't stray too much in hot weather, I can't recommend these enough.


  1. i have their liquid liner and it just sits there. i /never/ reach for. maybe i got a dud but i find it doesn't line smoothly and the ink skips. also, i'm just not practiced enough with liquid liners. i really prefer pencil and gel.

    A Beautiful Zen

    1. Me too actually. I never touch my liquids. Like once a year? I haven't tried Koji's liquid liner, it's a shame it hasn't worked for you. I have the One Day Tattoo one which is pretty excellent. I despise the ones in the little 'ink' pots. They are so messy haha.