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Saturday, September 7

Fashion Edit | Asos & Modcloth Wishlist

Despite my best efforts to curb my spending I still can't shake off this online shopping addiction. First skincare. Now fashion. Asos, I blame you and your amazing free, seven day shipping. Luckily, the Warehouse lace blouse to the left is already sold out, but the sweater and blouse are just sitting there in my basket, begging to be bought. I should really wait until they go on sale again, but I live in constant fear that my size will sell out. Must...resist!
Over at Modcloth, I have my eye on these cute blouses. Summer is coming, and I want to be prepared. When payday arrives (three more days!) I will definitely be buying those two. The stripe dress, however much I love it, will have to be left behind. I have to stick to my budget. Okay, I say that now but when the time comes I'll probably get it. Gah!


  1. i use to be pretty cautious about ordering things online but now i've just thrown caution to the wind and have bought some stuff off asos. i love the look of the modcloth products and when their $30 dress sale comes around i'm always browsing. love your picks!

    A Beautiful Zen

    1. Modcloth is a bit expensive, so I can't wait for their sale! I really want that dress...