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Saturday, August 31

Collective Korean Skincare Haul

After a month of anxious waiting, I finally received the final package in my latest skincare hauls. I ordered from 3 different sites: Yes Style, Rose Rose, and Cosmetic Love, and I must say, it was pretty interesting to see which ones arrived first.

Yes Style

Ladykin's Vampir Dark Repair Cream &Youth Activator ampoule

Ah, Yes Style. I really did crawl back to you on my hands and knees. I detest how overpriced their products are, alas they were the only online store that carried Ladykin's Vampir Dark range, and with the mid year sale and free shipping deal I couldn't resist. I can't wait to try these two products out, but they do sound too good to be true. If there's any chance it will give me skin like a vampire then I'm in.

*For anyone who is planning on cashing in on the free standard shipping deals be prepared to wait a really long time for it, it took 23 days for mine to arrive from the day it was shipped.

Rose Rose Shop

Missha's Time Revolution First Treatment Essence & Laneige's Light Balancing Emulsion

I had previously ordered from Rose Rose when she was just an eBay seller, so I thought it would be great to try her new online store out. The prices are fantastic, the Time Revolution essence only cost $34, and the Laneige moisturizer, which usually costs around $35, was $17. And it only took 16 days to arrive, the fastest of the three!

Cosmetic Love

To Cool For School Dinoplatz cosmetic bag (illustrations by Hatori Sando), Etude House 7 Way Nail File & Quick Sponge Nail Remover from The Face Shop

Last but not least, Cosmetic Love. This was my first time purchasing from Cosmetic Love and I was pretty impressed with them. It arrived 18 days after purchased, and they gave me an impressive amount of samples.

With my asian skincare hauls finally over I'm definitely having some postie-withdrawal. It's nice getting packages delivered to you. I do have my limits though, and my next skincare and makeup purchases probably won't be until the New Year. So until then, hopefully there will be lots and lots of reviews. :D


  1. i'm using the missha time essence product right now! actually enjoying it surprisingly since i dont usually care about toners at all. i bought it when i went to korea last may and will most likely repurchase

    A Beautiful Zen

    1. I've read a lot of great reviews on it and I can't wait to try it out. I had a pretty bad experience with the SK-II version though, so I've been putting this off. I switched up my routine recently so I'll give my skin a few more weeks to clear up before diving into this stuff.