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Thursday, August 1

| Beauty Wishlist | August'13

1. Aveda Air Control Hairspray
My hairdresser uses this stuff on my hair, it's amazing. Not heavy or sticky at all and seems to last all day. I just wish it wasn't so expensive here in Australia!

2. Ladykin Vampir Dark Repair Cream
Okay, I will admit, the cute little vampire teeth drew me in, as well as the natural ingredients list which mainly consists of dragons blood, (or croton lechleriresin sap) rose water and green tea water. It claims to brighten skin, improve wrinkles, fine lines and skin elasticity, prevents and protects against skin damage, lightens pigmentation and dark skin tone, and on top of all this it is paraben, dye, mineral oil, benzophenone, talc and animal testing and originated ingredient free. This sounds too good to be true... 

3. Real Techniques Core Collection
This is the final piece to my collection. I'm excited to use the buffer and contour brush!

4. Illamsqua 'Freak' Perfume
I caught a whiff of this when I was walking through Myer one day. It's definitely a very unique scent, and I think that's what's drawn me towards it. It's quite dark and mysterious, very different from the sugary-sweet perfumes on my dresser right now.

5. Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer
I've heard a lot of great things about Kevyn Aucoin, and this little pot of foundation has definitely caught my attention. Alas, this brand isn't sold anywhere near me, so as far as colour shades go I'm going in blind. This is going to be a very expensive experiment.

6. Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in 'Celestial' & 'Galaxy'
Since their launch in the UK I eagerly anticipated the day when the Apocalips finally came to Priceline. However, I was left bitterly disappointed to find out that the only two shades I was interested in wouldn't be available in Australia. You win again internet!


  1. I can understand why you want the Real Techniques brushes and the Rimmel Apocalips! I have both and loveeeeee them xx

    1. I purchased the brushes online this morning! So much for that spending ban haha.

  2. I have the eye brushes (forget the set name) from Real Techniques and love them. I can't believe Priceline sells them for $39 when they're half that online. o.o It's like Australia doesn't want my money. Lol.

    1. I know right?! It's ridiculous. I purchased the core collection from for $17.