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Friday, April 18

Lush Tea Tree Water

Lush tea tree water toner review

Since running out of my staple toner, I've decided to hold off on another haul , save a little money and use up some old toners  that have been lying around. This is one of them: Lush's Tea Tree Toner. This has been gathering dust for almost a year now and I had completely forgotten how much I liked this toner.

It definitely feels like a toner, I've become so used to Korean essences that I've forgotten what a toner is, but it doesn't leave the skin feeling tight and stripped. It's actually very refreshing. My skin drinks it up instantly. I sometimes get this really pleasant tingling sensation afterwards as well, which I think is the tea tree and juniper cleansing out the pores. The scent isn't overpowering either, it's very light and it doesn't linger, but I kind of wish it did. The only criticism I have is on the spray nozzle. It's more of a squirt than spray and if you're afraid of creating lines from scrunching up your face all the time I would probably recommend using the palms of your hands or a cotton pad.

Being an eco-friendly brand, Lush don't go overboard with ingredients. The main component to this toner is tea tree water (melaceusa alternifolia) an anti-inflammatory which helps soothe irritated skin and control oil. It also contains citrus grandis, an antioxidant, and juniper berry water which also helps fight infections and has been said to be an anti-aging remedy. Can't say I can complain about any of this.

Overall, there hasn't been a huge improvement in my skin, and I hadn't really expected it to. It's a toner after all, but my skin has definitely remained clearer. I still get little pimples, but I think this toner really helps attack and soothe problem areas before they get too out of hand, because none of them have really lasted more than a couple of days. Lush is on the pricier side, but this product is one of their most affordable toners. The 100g bottle only set me back $9.95, and it has lasted a really long time, like now that I think about it, over a year. I have been using it on and off though, but I still think it's great value for money. I definitely recommend this for people with oily, acne prone skin!

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